M.C.Sc Programme

Master Course Programme stars in 2018-2019 Academic Year in this university and Master of Computer Science and Computer Technology post-graduate degrees are awarded/offered.

In Computer Science teaching program, Computer Programme Language subject, Information Science subject are separately taught for master candidates. Based on the learning Computer Programme and Information Science subjects, students are made to do research projects on Database Management System, Software Engineering, Information Security and Software Development and compete them to the project show exhibition. To be able to do research project and participate in the project shows, theory and practical based teaching methods are applied to improve the students’ ability.

Candidates can select the specialized subjects which they are eager to study in Master Computer Science course and they are made to do research reports and projects based on their related subjects accordingly.

In this Academic Year programme, Information Management System is mostly specialized/selected, the projects based on Data Mining, Web Mining, Deep Learing, Critical System Engineering and Human Computer Interaction subjects are especially implemented. Research projects and functional programmes carrying out in this university are primarily implemented for the assistance to the development of the region.

Programme Bachelor’s
Computer Science M.C.Sc