B.C.Tech Programme

The course duration for bachelor degree of computer technology (B.C.Tech) programme is five years. B.C.Tech candidates are being practiced and trained with Computer Technologies, Computer Network Connection, Embedded System for practical structure to be assistance for the state and regional development.

First year candidates have to take and learn basic Myanmar Language, English Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, Fundamental Principles of Information Technology, basic structure of Computer Hardware and their functional operations primarily. For the candidates from second year to final year (fifth year), Digital Fundamental to be able to think about and understand the basic functional operations of a computer and logic principles, Data Communication and Networking to understand basic computer network connecting and functions on Network System, Computer Oragnisation and Architecture for understanding how to build a computer and its internal operations, Electronic and Electrical Circuits Analysis to be understood how to operate electronic components in a computer and how to connect each other and Modern Control System to understand the nature of control system and to construct automatic  control system are taught with theory and practicals. Besides, Information Security plays a vital role to connect computers and computer network. Information and Network Security teaching and practicing programme is taken into account for the fourth and fifth year candidates. To understand how to operate/generae/function/work  the Digital Signal step by step, Digital processing subject is also learned by the candidates.

Practical Lab Equipments are already equipped/arranged/fixed in accordance with the related subjects for the learners to practice. Moreover, students are made to do research projects and exhibit in project show inviting IT companies, departments and regional organizations.

Internship programme of B.C.Tech final year students are initiate at the second semester of the final year in academic programme connected with the local and international IT companies, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Telecommunication companies. Therefore, graduates from this university can get the chance to go to the job directly.

Programme Bachelor’s
Bachelor Of Computer Technology B.C.Tech