B.C.Sc Programme

            The course duration for bachelor degree of computer science (B.C.Sc) is five years. Candidates of the University of Computer Studies (Monywa) are being trained with the aims to support the regional development by ICT and based on the theory and practical training with the same ration. Basic Myanmar Language, English Language, Maths, Natural Science and Fundamental Principles of Information Technology are mainly being taught for undergraduate first year candidates.

            Moreover, second year, third year and fourth year candidates have to take and learn these subjects shch as Data Communication, Networking, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Database Management System (DBMS), Information Security and Software Development. English is a compulsory subject and they also take Mathematics. Third year candidates have to take not only above subjects but also the subjects “Basic IT Ethics” in this university.

Internship programmes are initiated at the second semester of the final year in the academic programme. Final year candidates are sent to local and international IT companies connected with IT companies, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and telecom companies. Therefore, undergraduate candidates are being practised and nurtured to get to a skillful level for the job opportunities after graduation.

One personal computer per student practiced plan and ten practical hours per week programme are also being arranged alternatively. In addition, students are made to try projects in order to apply in real world. And project show exhibitions are celebrated annually inviting IT companies, governments departments and private organisations. Through project shows, academic and industry are being connected / related.

Programme Bachelor’s
Bachelor Of Computer Science B.C.Sc